The lectures and practical sessions will be imparted and supervised by researchers from the Institute of Marine Science together with several visiting scientists from other institutions. Additionally each student will be assigned a scientist who will supervise his work on the selected research topic.Additionally, each participant be assigned a scientist who will supervise his/her work

A preliminary list of participating senior scientists is the following:


Ana Sabatés

Miquel Alcaraz

Elisa Berdalet (ICM-Overview); (Presentation Dinoflagelates) (Microestructures, thin layer)

Mikhail Emelianov

Marta Estrada

Dolors Vaqué

Josep M. Gasol (Marine Microorganisms)

Josep L. Pelegrí; (From the micro to the large scale); (The season and permanent thermoclines); (Nutrient Stream); (Microestructure, finestructure and thin layers & Epipycnal and diapycnal motions in the upper ocean)

Francesc Peters

Jaume Piera

Jordi Solé (Ocean Numerical Models_Overview and Applications)

Álvaro Viúdez

Eva Calvo (The role of the oceans in the Earth climate)

Maria Montserrat Sala (Marine Microbes)

Antonio García Olivares (Interactions in the climate system) (Glacial and Interglacial oscillations)

Jordi Font (Surface Ocean Salinity_Climate)

Rafel Simó

Cèlia Marrasé

Sergio Vallina

Pedro Cermeno (Marine microplankton functional groups)


Invited Scientists

Brad deYoung (Notes 1);(Notes 2); (Notes 3); (Notes 4); (Notes 5)

Susanne Neuer (Biological Carbon Pump) (Nutrient Supply)

Francisco Chavez

Enric Pallàs Sanz; (Ocean Vertical Pumping Mesoscale Flows); (The Omega Equation);


Besides these senior lecturers, there will also be an important number of local junior scientists that will assist the participants throughout the whole Colloquium