For the 2015 edition this central topic will be “Patterns and processes in boundary marine  ecosystems”

The Colloquium will be organized as follows:

– Masterly lessons of one hour during mornings (15 hours).

– Practical activities in the afternoon (6 hours); the student will be trained in image analysis applied to benthos ecology and remote sensing.

– Jordi Isern.- An Introduction to Ocean Remote Sensing – Practical lessons.

Carlos Domínguez-Carrió.-Video analysis – Practical lessons.

– Open discussions on cross-boundaries ecology topics (4 hours), lead by students.

– Posters discussion. Participants are encouraged to bring along a 3’ presentation together with a poster describing their research. One full afternoon will be dedicated to discuss the students’ research.

– Other activities. There will also be other activities, such as cultural activities within the city and a guided excursion to Natural Park of Medes Islands, in Costa Brava, including a boat trip and diving. (not included at the registration fee).

 The program is as follows: (Final program)


Monday 6th

– Welcome of Albert Palanques, Director of the Institute of Marine Sciences (ICM-CSIC).

– Welcome to the III Edition Ramon Margalef Summer Colloquia. Cèlia Marrasé.

– Welcome talk.- “Plankton and hydrographic boundaries: from small-scale density stratification to frontal systems“. Miquel Alcaraz

– Students’ presentations.

 Tuesday 7th

Andrea Gori and Josep-Maria Gili.- Conference title: “ Shelf-break communities: An integrated approach to marine boundary ecosystems

Marta Ribes.- Conference Title: “Living stuck to the bottom: strategies to improve resource acquisition in benthic organisms“.

Susanne Neuer.- Conference title: “Ecological boundaries generated by coastal upwelling processes“.


 Wednesday 8th

– Ferdinando Boero.- Conference title: “The cells of ecosystem functioning in the Mediterranean Sea

Maurizio Ribera d’Alcalà.- Conference title: “The ecological and evolutionary impact of the quasi-ubiquitous boundary imposed by the vertical structure of the water column“.

Estela Romero .- Conference title: “Sea and the City: spatio-temporal variability in coastal systems

 Thursday 9th

Josep Lluís Pelegrí.- Conference title: “Fronts and retroflections in the Atlantic Ocean“.

Luke Skinner.- Conference title: “The global marine carbon cycle and climate change: a synergy of biological and physicalprocesses“.

Pablo Sangrà.- Conference title: “Ocean mesoscale eddies: frontal forcing and their impact on the marine ecosystem“.

 Friday 10th

Lluís Cardona.- Conference title: “Hungry? Look for a frontal system, if you can

Gordon T. Taylor.- Conference title: “Microbial Ecology and Biogeochemistry across Pelagic Oxygen Boundaries“.

Roger Urgeles.- Conference title:The benthic boundary layer: feedback between geological and biological processes“.