Dates and venue: 7th July to 18th July 2014, Barcelona (Spain)

Edition 2014: “What Ecology can learn from natural and human-induced disturbances – A cross-system view”

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Beginning on summer 2013, the Institute of Marine Sciences (ICM – CSIC) started the Ramon Margalef Summer Colloquia, a series of annual two-week summer encounters aimed at Postdoc, PhD and advanced graduate students. Its main objective is to explore special topics of the Earth System, promoting the exchange of ideas between young and experienced researchers.

The central topic of the colloquium is planned to change every year. Since this summer 2014 is the 10th anniversary of Ramon Margalef’s pass away, we would like to make this year’s colloquia very special, and the topic, exceptionally, will cross the marine boundary to reach a planet view, under the motto: “What Ecology can learn from natural and human-induced disturbances – A cross-system view”. The colloquia will include theoretical and practical activities, all within this central topic, as well as group discussion sessions.

The principal aim of this Colloquia is to enhance the exchange of ideas and to promote imaginative thinking by bringing together ecological knowledge from experts on terrestrial, limnetic and marine systems. Substantial interest has arisen during the last 20 years on global studies in the context of future scenarios. Despite this recognition, very few universities have courses considering cross-system approaches and even fewer international forums have been dedicated to merge experts on the ecology of different systems.

The Colloquium is inspired by the figure of Ramon Margalef (Barcelona, 1919-2004), who worked for many years in the Institute of Marine Sciences and the University of Barcelona. He was one of the founders of modern ecology. Margalef was not also a brilliant scientist but also an encouraging teacher and mentor.

Margalef recognized the importance of the physical environment to understand the behavior of species and ecosystems. We believe this second Colloquia, to be held during the 10th anniversary of his passing, will be an excellent opportunity to foster lectures and discussions on the relevance of a cross-system perspective in Ecology. We expect to attain this important aim through a very dynamic Colloquia, with an important component of discussion, exchange of ideas and research.

The research institutions involved on its organization are the Institute of Marine Sciences (ICM –CSIC), University of Barcelona (UB) and Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), Pompeu Fabra University (UPF) and Center for Ecological Research and Forestry Applications (CREAF). The Catalan Association of Oceanographers (ACOIO) will handle all organizational issues.

Academical committee: Cèlia Marrasé (ICM-CSIC); Josep Lluís Pelegrí (ICM-CSIC); Josep Piñol (UAB-CREAF); Francesc Sabater (UB); Santiago Sabaté (UB-CREAF). Course directors: Dra. Cèlia Marrasé and Dr. Josep Lluís Pelegrí. ACOIO: Aurora Requena Gutiérrez; Elisabet Bonfill i Molina; Fernando Condal Domingo

The colloquium main activities will be held in the installations of the Institute of Marine Sciences, right by the beach and near downtown Barcelona.  Accommodation is available at student residences nearby the institute.